Karasuno Cosplay Cafe – Nendoroid Photoshoot


Finally is time for an update here after so long !

Last week my friend Nayu spent a few days at my place and se came with some of her dolls and also Kuroo Nendoroid, we’ve been planning since a while ago taking some pics of all our Hakiyuu Nendos,so in the end we decided to prepare this little Cosplay Cafe based on the ones taking place during cultural festivals in japanese high schools ,using my clasroom diorama set as well.

It seems the boys had a nice time too! Hope you’ll enjoy the pictures ♥


Photo,Nendos & setup : Yllia

Guests: Kuroo & Nayu


Hinata: Welcome to Karasuno High School Cosplay Cafe! Please,take a sit, I’ll attend your order ★


Iwaizumi: Such a nice place…

Oikawa: All is delicious…may I have some chocolate buns?

Hinata: Of course! I’ll be right back with your order



Hinata: Hey Kageyama,the customers want some buns, go serve them som OK

Kageyama : …( Oh shit)


Iwaizumi: Such a nice view Kageyama! the frill suits you

Oikawa: Ey,let’s take a conmemorative pic of this,I wanna show it to Kindaichi too

Kageyama: Take your damn buns and get out please…





Sugawara: Seems you’re having fun Kuroo-san!

Kuroo: yeah,Bokuto told me and just dropped by,the food is quite good!


Tsukishima: Ne Kuroo-san,maybe I should try to feed you as a special service? say ” aaaah”

Kuroo: …damn Tsukki….


And some extras! Hinata looks way too cute wearing kimono ♥ 







And that’s all for today! Hope you liked the post,thank you so much for reading! ♥