Important update regarding 2020 conventions

Hi! ~

This is an informative entry regarding my scheluded conventiosn from this year.

First of all, I hope you’re staying safe and healthy. We’re currently living though and quite difficult times, and sometimes just trying to keep going with our daily lifes in this extraordinary conditions is very difficult for us. But hang in there, we’re strong and we can overcome this. ♥

With the current situation in Europe due to the COVID19 crisis, I decided alltogether with my circle Eien Studio, that we’re not attending any conventions this year.

It as a though decission for us, me and my colleague Shike we’re looking forward tomeet everyone at our usual cons ( Dokomi and JE Paris), but we think this is for the best , we must be responsible and put everyone’s helth and wellfare first.

Some of the cons planned for 2020 has already been postponed to 2021, in hopes of a better control of this pandemic situation. The members of Eien Studio absolutely support that decission and we’re gonna keep working and preparing projects and new stuff for 2021.

Meanwhile, you can follow my updates on SNS for updates of projects ^_^


See you next year at JE Marseille, Dokomi and JE París!!


Yllia & Eien studio ♥