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Hanazakari is a BL (boyls love) webcomic project , originally created by me and my colleague Shike, under the circle name of Eien Studio.

The original idea, story, art, designs and concepts are developed by me and , Shike is in charge of the script.

After 3 years of hard work developingthis project with love and care and introducing it in different conventions along Europe, the first chapter is finally out on Tapas and Webtoon !

New chapters are updated every friday.


Fuyuki is a young man who has a deadly curse in his hands. He can kill whenever what he touches, so he’s scared of being with other living beings.

His family isolated him in an old house, where he spends his days in

solitude. One night, he finds a wounded fox and he decides to take care of him and save its life, and for his surprise the fox turns out to be a young male Demon Fox called Kifune.

That encounter would change his fate forever

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