REVIEW- Sayo Samonji GK

Hi everyone! ♥

Long time without posting here,but one of my resolutions for 2018 is pay more attention to the blog,so let’s get started!

For this first entry of the year I want to introduce my new addiction into the figure hobby, paint Garage Kits 😚 . I’ve been wanting to try working on a GK for years,but never dared because I was really afraid to make a mess with, it and really thought I would not be able to paint it…but I was wrong! 😂 I’ve blew my fears away some months ago when my friend Yukari make this  awesome Yuuri On Ice GK ( which I’m gonna review some other time) so I discovered how fun painting GKs is!

So now that I’ve told the boring story,let’s start with this cutie lol .He’s my second GK,I’ve been wanting a Sayo scale figure since forever, so when I saw this one was an instant buy.He’s sculpted by Pesatan and he’s about 15’5cm tall,not including the base.

The  work in progress pics were taken with my phone while I was working on it,so sorry if they’re low quality.

Materials Used for this Kit

I want to start introducing the materials I used to paint an assemble it:

  • Model Color Acrylic paint
  • Rendbrant sof pastels
  • Airbrush
  • water sandpaper
  • watercolor pencils
  • high finish point Van Gogh brushes for details and medium soft and square soft brushes for blusshing and shadding
  • MSC sealer
  • Fast bonding glue



Painting Process and Assembling

First the here is unassembled kit,casted in white resin.Those are all the pieces for this one,it was quite simple to assemble,most of the pieces were neat and clean and fit almost perfectly,only a little sanding was needed to remove molde marks . Sayo is weareing the Uchiban outfit and I used the Touken Ranbu official artbook as reference for the color scheme.

I started painting the skin and face using an airbrush to apply the base color.After the paint was dry I added some shadding and blush to the skin on his face, arms and legs using soft pastel colors with a soft medium brush.

The next step was painting the eyes.I was really scared to mees his whole face painting since this was my first time doing eyes and the whole face on my own and he’s so tiny,but in the end it turned out quite well. I’m quite satisfied with how the eyes and the face looks,I must keep improving but not bad for a first time 😂

For this I painted with diluted white the base of the eye and then used a small square brush for the iris base. After another sealed layer, I started working on the details of the eyes,adding depth with dark blue and a bit of black for the sadding and the pupil; then was time to add details like eyelashes and highlights with a high finish point brush and watercolor pencils.


Skin and face painted ,was time to seal again with  a few layers of MSC and start with the hair and clothes pieces.

Although all the pieces fit really well together,the collar piece of the jacket was a bit troublesome to fit into place at first attempt. Since is a really fragile piece and didn’t want to forced it  and risk to break it, I sanded a bit the inner part of the jacket where it joints with the neck piece and the collar and after that it fit perfectly. So this done, was time to paint!
Before painting ,I glued the collar to the jacket to prevent damage the paintwork later while assembling the pieces.

Again used the airbrush to paint the base colors of each piece,once the base color was dry ,I added a second layer with a dark hue  for some more deep shading in the hair and clothes as well . When the main paintwork was done I sealed it again with MSC and   used some soft pastels to highlight the clothes folds.
I repeated the same process for painting the shorts,the sneakers and the bandages of legs and arms ( sorry for not having more pics of the w.i.p!)

All work almost done,the only things remaning were adding details and assembling the kit. With a high finish point brush I painted the zipper,the lines of the jacket and some details in the sneakers,the band aid in his face and in his knee as well the kaki in his pocket; also I used a very sharped watercolor pencil to draw over the scar on his face.

When the  paint was dry and after two more sealing layers of MSC he was ready for assembling!

Fortunately this was a very easy task to do with this kit,no need to drill since all the parts fit in place for their own,so I glued them carefully with fast bonding glue ,let it dry and ta-da!!! he was done!!!


Now here we go with  some better quality pics of him ♥ First an overview onf the whole figure, and then some more detailed shots






And two extra pics with outside lighthing ~






So let’s finish this review with some thoughs about the figure and how working on this project was.

It really was a super nice experience,the sculpt is really beauftiful and well done,and I think this is one of the most accurate Sayo scale figures nowadays.His face and expression is for me the most alike with the original design,so I dind’t though it so much,just bought him and I can say that was the right decission!

Besides,the paintwork and enssambling were so fun and a really smooth process.I’ve worked on this project for a day and half,one afternoon for preparing and sanding the kit and a a day (morning and afternoon) for painting and assembling,so since was an easy kit to work in with a simple color palette and design it was a very quick and nice work process.

So in conclusion,I love this kit and have a good time painting it,for being my second experience with a Garage Kit I’m reallu pleased of how it turned out and to being able to have a lovely Sayo figure in my collection as well ♥


And taht’s all for now! hope you enjoyed the review and as always thanks for reading!

Review- Yllia Photobook

Hace mucho que no subo ninguna review al blog,pero hoy vengo a enseñar algo especial ♥
Hace un par de semanas tuve la oportunidad gracias a Saal Digital  de hacerme un photobook de muestra con algunas de mis fotografías de figuras y Nendoroids aprovechando la promoción de su vale de 40€ ,y hoy por fin os puedo enseñar como ha quedado,así que vamos al tema!

El libro es en formato A4 ,con un total de 36 páginas, tapa dura en acabado brillante que resalta muy bien los colores y  con un resultado final de muy buena calidad .Me sentí muy emocionada al verlo cuando lo saqué del embalaje,y con muchas ganas de ver cómo había quedado el interior,pero primero os dejo un par de fotos de la cubierta.


It’s been a long time since the last review I writed here,but today I want to show you something special♥

Two weeks ago I had the chance to make a sample photobook thanks to Saal Digital  . I made a book with some of my favorite figure and Nendoroid pics using a 40€ coupon,and finally today I had the time to update this with the review,so here we go! 

The book is in A4 size,with 36 pages,hard cover with glossy surface which stands out the colors in a really good looking and high quality way. I felt really happy when I took it in my hands and excited to see how the inside would look like, but here are some pics of the cover first.





El interior tampoco defrauda,el papel es buena calidad , rígido y con una textura agradable y acabado mate ,así como lo es la impresión ,nítida y con unos colores preciosos,brillantes y que respetan los colores de la foto en formato digital.Decidí dividir el libro en dos secciones,una para las figuras a escala y otra para los Nendoroid.

And the inside didn’t disapointe me, the paper have a really good quality,stiff and with a really nice texture and matte finish. The print is highr quiality too,clear and definded with beautiful and bibrant colors respecting the color palette from the original digital file quite well. I decided to separate the book in two themes, scale figures and Nendoroid. 


A la hora de diseñar el interior del álbum vamos a trabajar con un editor que nos podemos descargar gratuitamente desde de la web de Saal Digital y que nos ofrece multitud de plantillas para maquetar nuestras fotos o bien podemos colocarlas libremente a nuestro gusto .Dejo unas cuantas fotos del interior,escoger las fotografías y hacer la maquetación fue un proceso muy divertido >w<


For designing the book we’re gonna work with an design and edition program that we need to download for free from Saal Digital’s website. This programn offer us a lot of templates for designing our book or we can place our pics freely wherever we want. Here are some pics of the book inside pages, choose the pics and make the design was really fun >w<





Otra ventaja que me gusta mucho es que el libro tiene una apertura de 180º,con lo cual podemos aprovechar mejor el espacio y hacer dobles páginas sin miedo de que la foto nos quede partida por la mitad. Aquí podéis verlo:

Another advantage I really like about this book is we can open it 180º,so this way we can usde double pages without cropping the picture in the middle. Here you can see it: 





Algunos detalles más ♥

Some more details



En conclusión puedo decir que estoy muy contenta con el resultado final,es un book de muestra maravilloso con un aspecto muy profesional.Llevaba mucho tiempo planteándome hacer algún libro con mis fotografías y ha sido la oportunidad perfecta para lanzarme y hacer la prueba,muchas gracias a Saal Digital por ello.

Ahora os pregunto, ¿os gustaría que sacara a la venta algún libro con mis fotografías? Es algo que llevo tiempo planteándome también y me gustaría saber vuestras opiniones!

Y de momento esto es todo por hoy! Espero que os haya gustado esta pequeña review y muchas gracias por leer!♥


I must say I’m very happy with the results,is a wonderful sample book and really professional-looking. I’ve been wondering for so long if I should made a photobook,I really wanted to made one with my favorite pics so this was the perfect chance for it,thanks to Saal Digital for it.

So,now I’m asking, would you be  interested if I put for sale a book with my figure pics? I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and I would love to know your opinion!

And that’s all for today! Hope you like this lillte review and,as always,thanks for reading!♥